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I was sick of my sectional garage door and its unreasonable size taking up the entire garage entrance. I commissioned this garage door repair company to replace my sectional garage door with a single panel. The company first came to my house to measure the dimension of the garage and to determine what panel size to buy. They finished the entire replacement and installation after two weeks. The single panel garage door they put up was installed with safety eyes and a remote control function. The metal panel they used was much lighter and thinner than the last one. I was about to check the bill and I was nervous, but after looking at the receipt, I was relieved and shocked to see that the price was half of what I thought it would be. The materials they used were top quality, and they even came back 1 month later for inspection.

Robert Jeter

It brings a good feeling, knowing that this kind of credible and effective garage door company is around. The tools and resource materials they utilized for the repair job I asked for were brand new. The technicians were friendly and diligent with their work. After the repair service, they walked us through all the changes they applied and about how everything was working. I have been sleeping at peace all night, knowing that the security features they installed with the garage door were foolproof. Bravo, an amazing service indeed.

Dawn Thomas

I have never wanted to hire a garage door repair company because I have trust issues. It’s not that it was hard for me to trust; it’s just that I knew the high possibility of being scammed by companies like this. I had a major problem with the bracket and the track hanger kit. I knew that I didn’t have the skills and tools to perform the repairs so I decided to ask for professional help. I was there the whole time they were working, and I had to admit that I felt a little guilty for being suspicious. This team of technicians was focused on their work and their work alone. I have been their loyal customer for years now and not a single furniture in my home has been stolen.

Erica Cha

It was late, and I really needed to get some sleep because I had work in the morning. However, after pulling out of the street, straight to my garage, the garage door won’t open. I’ve been using a remote control function, and this was the first time it didn’t work. It was late, and I had no idea how to open the garage door. I also didn’t want to leave my car outside. I then decided to dial for this company’s emergency services. After 30 minutes, a truck pulled over and 2 technicians introduced themselves then started with their work. I thought it would take at least one to two hours, but it took them only 30 minutes to open the garage door. I was relieved, and I informed them that I want them to attend to my garage door dilemmas from now on. They simply agreed and went on their way.

Thomas Davis

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