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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I change my garage door?

The best time to change your garage door is when you notice that it is not functioning well. It is then that it is most vulnerable to the jamming of the lock and breakage.  Another reason is when you want to enhance your home’s security.

Which garage door is suitable for me?

Consider the following when choosing the right garage door for you:

  • The materials to use such as wood, aluminum, or steel
  • A design, which fits your style
  • A door with or without any insulation feature
What kinds of lock are available?

We offer different types of lock for your home security improvement. You can choose between a manual lock and slide bolt lock

What is the required headroom for a sectional door?

The standard headroom is 12’’-18’’ from the opening header to the ceilings. We offer a customized solution. You can choose from a variety of unique track designs, making it possible for an irregularly-sized garage to be fitted with doors.

Is it okay to have a window on my door?

Yes, it can be placed on the desired section of the door layout. We suggest placing the window at the top, or better yet, at the second top door section for natural lighting and security purposes. We can help you choose the window designs that will complement your home style.

Can you fix the broken glass from a window and replace it with a new one?

Yes, we can definitely fix your broken glass window and install a new one for you. We will use a suitable steel garage door and framed glass window or you can choose a specific material that you prefer. We are your reliable resource in fixing your garage door problems.

Which type of spring is better, Torsion or Extension?

Torsion springs are attached to the top section of the door while the extension is placed on either side of the door. We recommend using torsion springs because they create equal tensions and balance the weight of the door

How long does it take to install a garage door?

If you will do it on your own, it will take a day and it might get frustrating. So, we suggest that you let us handle it for you. As professional garage door sellers, it will only take us a few hours to have your door in place

Is your company safe for my family?

Yes, your safety is our primary concern. Our products are built with a safe guard system, which enhances the security feature of the door. We promise to deliver quality service and materials to our clients

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